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Cali Greens Terpene Blends 50ml

Cali Greens Terpene Blends 50ml


A trio of classic buds truly recreated in e-liquid form.

Lemon Haze by Cali Greens is a zesty blend of citrus notes, paired with the floral, naturally occurring terpenes from this cannabis strain. You'll be met with a sharp lemon flavour on the inhale, with hint of floral aroma permeating through both the inhale and exhale, all the while, there is a low level of menthol, which adds a smoothness to this flavour for a truly unique combination.


Granddaddy Purple by Cali Greens takes its inspiration from the famous strain, which is known for its rich, purple appearance. Taking the terpenes from the strain, you'll notice floral notes throughout that have then been expertly blended with a medley of fresh berries and red grapes, creating an overall sweet flavour blend with a floral twist.


Amnesia Mango by Cali Greens is a floral blend that takes naturally occurring terpenes from the cannabis plant and combines them with flavourings to create a delicious e liquid. Starting with a Kesar Mango, which is an Indian mango flavour, this has then been combined with a hint of citrus which cuts through, you'll then notice the floral notes from the terpenes throughout for an excellent and unique vape.


Please note: these e liquids do not contain THC or CBD.